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Six for Sunday ~ 2nd February 2020

Six for Sunday is a weekly prompt hosted by Steph over at A Little But A Lot, each week there’s a new bookish topic to post about.

This week the topic is six favourite blogs/booktubers/bookstagrams to follow.  Over the last few years, book-related content I’m following has slowly grown across most channels, below are six of my favourties though it was hard to pick just six, I’ve included links to all their platforms so you can easily discover their content for yourselves.

Lauren ~ Lauren and the Books ~ Instagram ~ YouTube
Lauren has a YouTube channel mainly focused on bookish reviews and hauls but I also love her non-bookish content.  I became a patreon of Lauren to be able to join in with her monthly book club and the hour long discussions are always something I look forward to even though I often can’t watch them live.

Jen Campbell ~ Instagram ~ YouTube ~ Podcast ~ Website
One of my favourite authors, I found Jen a couple of years ago via youtube, around the time she was starting to promote The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night; I quickly fell in love with her writing.

Regan ~ Peruse Project ~ Instagram ~ Youtube
One of the first booktubers I started following, back then she was still at college and since then I’ve followed her as she’s graduated and moved firstly to Chicago and now New York; since I’ve watched her for so long I actually prefer watching her vlogs to her wrap ups mainly for Matilda (her pug) and tips on places to visit when we’re in New York later this year.

Ariel Bissett ~ Instagram ~ Youtube ~ Podcast
Again, a booktuber I’ve followed for several years, Ariel is the creator of Booktubeathon which last year evolved into ‘The Reading Rush’ a readathon which had many of us furiously refreshing the webpage as demand surpassed all expectations. Ariel also runs the weekly Books Unbound podcast which relaunched with Raeleen Lamay towards the end of last year.

Haf ~ Library Looter ~ Instagram ~ Blog
I first found Haf through Instagram but her blog is amazing as well; she Welsh, works in a library and loves Harry Potter.

Jen ~ Books on the 7:47 ~ Instagram ~ Blog
I found Jen’s blog while looking for more book blogs to follow, Jen mainly finds time to read on her commute and her reviews are great, she’s responsible for so many books being added to my TBR.

What’s your preferred platform to follow people on? Do you have any recommendations

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