Podcast Recommendations ~ January 2020

I’ve neglected my podcast recommendations lately, some of the recommendations below are a little belated but really that’s one of the beauties of podcasts, they’re there when you have time to listen to them.

All the links below are for PocketCaster which is my preferred podcast app for android and desktop, but all episodes should be available for whichever your platform of choice is.

The Food Medic S3EP12 Christmas in the NHS ~ This was a Christmas special so I’m a bit late recommending it but I think it’s still well worth a listen, Hazel interviews Adam Kay, author of This is Going to Hurt and Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas about working for the NHS over the Christmas period; a great interview that reminded me how lucky I am to have access to the NHS.

So Lucky S1 EP2 Matt Haig ~ Dawn O’Porter’s new podcast ‘So Lucky’ has been a great find but my favourite guest so far has to be Matt Haig.

By The Book S6EP1 How To Win Friends and Influence People ~ One of my favourite podcasts is back for a sixth season and this time around Jolenta and Kristen are taking self-help books one decade at a time, choosing a bestseller from each decade starting with the 1930s and living by an original edition.  So far this is making for great listening, its really interesting -and sometimes shocking – to hear some of the advice people were getting 90 years ago.

Practical Positivity ~ How to Make January Joyful ~ A new podcast discovery for me, Sophie has been running the Practical Positivity podcast for just over a year.  This episode was a great reminder that a lot of the feelings we have towards January we put on ourselves, deciding we’re going to spend less, move more, eat healthier etc all at once; so following this we’ve made sure to schedule a few things to look forward to this month, nothing major or expensive but all things to look forward to.

Calling All Friends ~ Navigating Adult Friendships ~ I’ve watch Michila on YouTube for about 8 years now and over time that she’s started a couple of podcasts, however, I think the latest one is my favourite so far, in a kind of agony aunt style she’s compiling questions and responses from a wide variety of people via voice notes and putting them together into a great podcast episode; generally a little longer than ideal (only because they’re sometimes longer than one leg of my commute) I’m really enjoying this so far.

Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have any recommendations?

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