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Period. It’s About Bloody Time. ~ Emma Barnett

285 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Audiobook


Period. It’s About Bloody Time is a book I’ve heard referenced quite a bit, it does seem bizarre that as something which around half of us experience throughout our lives are seen as a bit of a taboo subject and not something we should be talking about.

During the introduction, Emma covers some stats around how many women and girls are missing out of school, work and other everyday things because they’re unable to afford to buy proper sanitary products – and these aren’t stats from poorer countries, these are people in the UK who are unable to go about their daily lives each month.

Emma covers a variety of topics, from menstrual leave to tampon tax with a big focus on period poverty and the work being done to improve conditions and make sanitary products more readily accessible.  What I found really interesting were the chapters Emma included on the industry, the way the word ‘period’ didn’t appear in any advertising until the 90s(?) and that even now brands are being blocked from prominent advertising positions because companies are concerned that the adverts might be seen by young children which only enforces the stigma that periods are negative and should be kept secret by those who have them.

I listened to the audiobook which is ready brilliantly by the author, Emma. Its around 6 hours long and a physical copy is around 280 pages so this isn’t going to take up loads of your time but I’d highly recommend giving it a read as I think everyone will learn something from this.

For more information about Period Poverty and how you can help take a look at websites like Bloody Good Period, Hey Girls and Freedom4Girls UK.

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