2020 Anticipated New Releases

Quite often with book releases I feel like I’m living under a bit of a rock, however there are a few books due for release this year that I am quite excited by. Most of these will likely get pre-ordered or I’ll request they be purchased via my local library.

The Switch ~ The FlatShare was one of my favourite books of 2019 so I can’t wait to see what Beth O’Leary comes out with next. This sounds like its going to follow a similar theme of focusing on two characters coming together in unlikely circumstances.

How To Be Fine ~ Not my usual read but this has been written by the hosts of one of my favourite podcasts By The Book; after living by so many self help books Kristen and Jolenta have written their own compilation of advice. Whether any of the tips will be worthwhile remains to be seem but I’m so glad to see a podcast I discovered years ago still going strong and branching out to different mediums.

Olive ~ Emma Gannon has already written two great non-fiction books, Ctrl Alt Delete and The Multi-Hyphen Method; 2020 will see the release of her first fiction novel, this comes out in June about a week before my birthday and I already know this is going to be on my wish list.

The Roasting Tin Around The World ~ Since being introduced to Rukmini Iyer’s cookbooks last year so many of her recipes have become staples; the idea of throwing ingredients together in a roasting tin without putting in too much prep is amazing so this will most likely be joining the others on my cookbook shelf.

Ghosts ~ Similarly to Olive, Ghosts is the first fiction release of an author I really enjoy. Journalist Dolly Alderton released Everything I Know About Love in 2018 and is also really well known for her podcasts Love Stories and The High Low which she co-hosts with Pandora Sykes.

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (House Editions) ~ Not exactly a new release but later this month we’ll see the release of the beautiful house editions for The Goblet of Fire, I’ve pre-ordered my Ravenclaw edition and can’t wait for this to arrive.

The Pound Project ~ Not a book specifically but I will be keeping my eye on whatever is being released by the pound project this year; funded via Kickstarter you can choose to back and receive a copy of each short essay style book if you fancy it but with limited print runs once they’re sold they’re gone.

Are there any releases you’re particularly excited by coming over the next few months? Will you be pre-ordering any of the ones I’ve mentioned?

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