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Beat the Backlist 2020

Another book challenge which aligns perfectly with one of my 2020 Reading Goals of actually reading some of the books on my bookshelf.

To try and help tackle the never-ending TBR pile this challenge focuses on reading any non-new releases, anything published in or before 2019 counts; you also need to have started and finished the book in 2020, so the few I’ve been reading across the New Year won’t count.  You can get the full overview on Novel Knight.




To keep things interesting you can also submit books you’ve read to gain points for your chosen team and they’ve developed two bingo cards with a whole range of prompts.

My main aim for this challenge is to keep on top of my Goodreads TBR shelf, I recently tidied it up slightly so every book on there is one do want to read this year, I won’t list them all out but the ones I’d like to tick off first are;

The Book Thief

~ The Guilty Feminist

Underwater Breathing

The Bookshop Book



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