2020 Goals/Resolutions

Yesterday I posted some reading related goals I’ve set myself for next year and decided to also include some more general one; most of these are things are quite stereotypical, health related ones

January 30 Days of Yoga Challenge
Last year for the first time I took part in the Yoga With Adriene Dedicate – 30 Days of Yoga challenge, I did it realtime throughout January usually coming home from work jumping straight into my comfy, stretchy clothes and enjoying taking some time out to breathe, stretch and challenge myself. I surprised myself by sticking to it and treated myself to a shiny new yoga mat; I fell in love with Adriene’s teaching style and Benji; after the challenge I told myself I wasn’t going to give up, I was still going to do yoga a couple of times a week at least – that lasted until about March and I really miss it so I’m commiting to this years challenge “Home”.

Make Better Use of Skillshare
I signed up to Skillshare last year and I really enjoy having somewhere I can go when I have some spare time to learn new things, however I find myself forgetting about it for weeks at a time and want to start using it for more random things. The first ‘course’ I want to watch this year is all about looking after house plants.

Calm App for Meditation
Throughout 2019 I used the Headspace app for meditation and when I kept it up I really noticed a difference in how I felt, however I also heard great things about Calm (it’s also cheaper) so when my subscription expired last week I moved over to using Calm and I’m excited to see how it compares.

More interesting lunches
I take my own lunch into work and it’s become a running joke with my colleagues that I pretty much have the same thing everyday; its just so simple and easy to organise but they do have a bit of a point and I do find myself being tempted by whatever the canteen has put on every now and again. We already do a fair bit batch cooking for dinners but I want to try and find a way to make this work for lunches too so I’m less bored and likely to be reaching for a brownie mid-afternoon.

Use our fruit bowl for fruit
Our fruitbowl has become a bowl of random stuff (torch, elastic bands, appointment cards etc) with fruit doted on the top or next to it so random stuff will be moved to the random stuff drawer (don’t pretend you don’t have one) and we’ll see how long it lasts for.

Are any of these similar to any of your goals? Any ideas/suggestions to help me stick to any of these?