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2020 Reading Goals

Is there anyone that doesn’t spend those few days between Christmas and New Year planning for their fresh January start while eating up all the Christmas chocolates to help their January diet?

Goodreads Reading Goal
Setting my Goodreads goal has become a little staple of the start of my New Year and once again this year I’ll be setting mine to 100 books, in 2019 I actually got to over 150 however quite a few of those were shorter reads as I discovered a few of the Amazon Original Series’

Read my Shelves
This is something I want to do every year and its as simple as it sounds; I want to read the books sat on my bookshelf. I bought them for a reason, yet some have sat unread for years. Earlier this year I considered buying either a bigger or second bookshelf before realising that the chances were pretty high that I would just fill that one as well.

Part way through November I rediscovered the audiobooks I have access to via my library, I really want to keep this up throughout 2020, I’m hoping it’ll be a simple (and cheap) way of getting around to more reading.

More Reviews
Partway through 2019 I decided to get a little more organised about when I was putting up blogposts and aimed to (roughly) post a review each Thursday, one thing I want to focus on for 2020 is not just posting reviews of ARCs or summarising in wrap ups and sharing my more in depth thoughts on a wider variety of the books I read.

I’ll be checking in on these goals a couple of times over the next year to see whether they quickly go out of the window or can turn into new habits. Do you have any reading related goals or resolutions for 2020?

5 thoughts on “2020 Reading Goals”

  1. I hope I am not double commenting but I got interrupted and I’m not sure it posted. Our goals are very much in line! Have you done any of the challenges that I have listed on my page? Somehow, the little bit of competition that I put myself through really helps. But, I know for other people it can just be silly pressure. Either way, I can’t wait to see what you read this year!


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