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Very Merry Readathon 2019

The past week I’ve been taking part in Very Merry Readathon, and thought I’d track my progress by writing a short diary style entry.

Sunday 15th December
Luckily for me this readathon is kicking off on a lovely lazy Sunday morning so I take the opportunity to start some of the books I’ve planned to read for challenges. First up I start Festive Spirits, a collection of 3 short stories; I read the first “Lucy’s Day” with Vlogmas videos in the background. Next up I start Sorry I’m Late I Didn’t Want To Come, the introduction starts to describe the concept of shy and outgoing introverts and I’m initially confused as to which I’m am, hopefully the rest of the book will make that more clear. Lastly I read the first chapter of Single All The Way before my husband wakes up and we make breakfast. I spent the rest of the day dipping in and out of Single All The Way.

Monday 16th December
Today’s reading focuses on Single All The Way and I dip in and out throughout the evening, the chapters are quite small which keeps me reading for longer than planned and I end Monday with only around 12% of the book left.

Tuesday 17th December
With just a small amount of Single All The Way left I finish that off mid-morning so tick for the “read something set during the holidays” challenge. Tuesday evening I don’t  get much reading time so read short story two from Festive Spirits, which shares its title with the book, it’s a bizarre tale with a magical realism twist I hadn’t seen coming snuck it right at the end.

Wednesday 18th December
This afternoon is my team Christmas afternoon with work, I decide to start Matt Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive as my “Read a book because you want to”; I love re-reading this especially when things are getting a bit hectic as its a great reminder to slow down and appreciate life. I get about a third of the way through before bed.

Thursday 19th December
Thursday is this week’s working from home day which means I get to spend my commute time catching up with house jobs and more importantly the books I reading for this readathon! At lunchtime I finish the last story in Festive Spirits, to wrap that up and after I’ve finished work instead of sitting in traffic I find a fireplace video on YouTube and read Sabotage by Emma Gannon; the fireplace actually ends up staying on four about four hours. Turns out we both really like the background noise so instead of mindless Netflix I keep reading and end up finishing Reasons to Stay Alive as well.

Friday 20th December
For me Friday is my last day at work until after Christmas, to get a bit more in the spirit I picked up Another Night Before Christmas which I really enjoyed. Our evening is largely spent being glad work is over and watching telly but I also start Make Do and Mend a Broken Heart on a bit of a whim.

Saturday 21st December
Today is the start of family Christmas festivities for me so not much time for reading, I read another 15%ish of Make Do and Mend a Broken Heart before they begin so I’m ending the readathon on 4/5 challenges; 6 books started and 4 completed which even though some of them were on the shorter side isn’t bad going for a working week. I’ll be putting up a reading wrap up really soon but I’d say the highlight of the week wasn’t the books but discovering the fireplace videos on YouTube.