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Single All The Way ~ Karen King

286 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Kindle

Meg and Oliver have been together for seven years, married for five; they have two rabbits Laurel and Hardy and a joint party planning business Party MO. Meg has always loved how much they always chat about everything, until one day, one conversation sees Meg quickly move out to the hotel around the corner.

Sally and Ted are a few months away from their ruby wedding anniversary, seemingly happily settling into retired life in their sixties. When Sally gets a phonecall from daughter Meg saying that she and Oliver have split up Sally drops her own bombshell that she’s also just made the decision to leave her father. The pair find themselves in a small cottage in Cornwall, ten days before Christmas reasoning with their own and each other decisions.

We follow both couples, and their friends from 14th December to into the new year as they take some time to consider their relationships, not just with their partners but also with each other.  The family always spend Christmas together at Sally and Ted’s but its looking like this year is going to be completely different which was an nice nod at the expectation we generally put on the person ‘hosting’ Christmas, I know for years I didn’t think twice about my mom getting dinner ready in the kitchen while I sifted through a pile of freshly unwrapped presents.

I really enjoyed how the Meg and Sally as mother and daughter were struggling to come to terms with each others reasons for leaving their partners but while defending their own decisions, it felt like a dynamic I could really get behind and felt realistic.

Single All The Way was released in October but I’ve saving this for December, by chance reading it around the week the book begins, short chapters kept up the pace and kept me reading; if you’re after something festive themed that’s a little different from your standard rom-com then I’d really recommend giving it a go.

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