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Twas the Night Shift Before Christmas ~ Adam Kay

320 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Hardback</p>

For a longer than I should have younger me lived in completely oblivious that not everyone is off work on Christmas Day, coming from a family of teachers I just assumed everyone had the day off, then one year in response to a comment I can’t remember my Aunt replied “Who do you think is looking after people in hospital?” That shut me up.

In his six years working in the NHS Adam Kay’s rotas meant he worked Christmas Day five times between 2004 – 2009; this festive themed book covers diary entries omitted from This Is Going To Hurt; some are laugh out loud cringey while others really send home the reminder that while Christmas is marketed as the most wonderful, joyous time of year there will always be people who for a myriad of reasons are not having quite as good of a time as the TV adverts.

This collection is a mixture of laugh out loud and truly heartbreaking stories, working in Obs and Gynea; Adam dealt with a mixture of patients, from those holding onto any hope that their fourth round of IVF will be successful to people having a little too much fun with Christmas confectionery.

If you enjoyed Adam Kay’s first book then you’ll most likely enjoy this, it is on the small side, coming in at around 150 pages it’s not going to take up too much precious monopoly time.

This would make a great stocking filler or Secret Santa and a copy of this will be making its way into my mom’s presents.

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