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Very Merry Readathon 2019 ~ TBR

A couple of weeks ago I went searching for readathons happening in December and discovered the Very Merry Readathon, running for the fourth time this year from 15th – 21st December hosted by Hannah at Tiny Book Dragon; I thought I’d share the details here along with what I’m planning on reading ahead of time incase anyone fancies taking part.

There are only five challenges are you can use one book for one than one challenge, so nothing too complicated.  To find out more check out the kick off video and the readathon twitter.

1. Read a book set during the holidays ~ Single All The Way
I’m not actually sure what this is about, I impulse bought it about a month ago while looking for some Christmassy books to read during December, it sounded a bit like a rom-com, it was 99p, deal done.

2. Read a book with a Christmas/holiday colour on the cover ~ Festive Spirits
While what is a Christmas colour is probably debatable this little short story collection has red, green and silver all over its cover so I don’t feel like this can be argued with.

3. Read a book with S-N-O-W in the title ~ Sorry I’m Late I Didn‘t Want to Come

For this one I’m going with a non-Christmassy book just to keep things balanced, the letters can be in any order and you can include the author name if you’re struggling.  I picked up this non-fiction as while ago as the title grabbed my attention as the sentiment felt quite familiar.

4. Read a book by the fire.
We don’t have a fireplace but we do generally have candles on in the evening so I’m stretching this one slightly and will either light an extra couple of candles or use this as an excuse to put one of the Harry Potter common room ASMR videos.

5. Read a book just because you want to
I’ll decide this one in the moment but I love that this is one of the challenges.

I’ll be posting a summary post at the end of the readathon on how I’ve got on with each of these or if I decided to change my mind completely; let me know if you’re taking part! Are there any books that sprang to mind when you read each challenge.

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