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Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Just like my bookish themed gift guide all of the items linked below I have purchased either for myself/someone else or even been given at somepoint. Again, I’m in the UK so depending on where you might want to hunt down a more local seller to save on postage. If you have any other ideas then let me know in the comments!

Coffee ~ Have a coffee lover or coffee snob in your life? Then Pact Coffee offer several great options, you could set them up with a gift subscription giving them great coffee through their letter box every month or a one off packet of one of their flavoured coffees.

Kazoo Musical Game ~ This would make a great after dinner (and maybe a few drinks) game. With several versions to pick from, we went for the Disney version a couple of years ago and this game always ends up with everyone laughing, usually at my poor kazoo skills.

Dobble ~ A current favourite in our house, we have the Harry Potter version but there’s one to suit everyone; if you’ve not played before Dobble is essentially more interesting snap that suits groups of 2 upwards.

The Green Roasting Tin ~ Rukmini Iyer’s roasting tin books have been very well used since we got them around 6 months ago, offering some great recipes, most of which use one roasting tin so minimal washing up – always a win!

Metal Water Bottle ~ You can pick these up anywhere to be fair, I was converted earlier this year fed up of plastic ones breaking but they really do keep water at a consistent temperature for a really long time. I bought one for work in March and quickly after my husband had one to keep at work , we have a third for in the car and my sister was given a small one for her work lunchbox.

Magazine Subscription ~ I’m stealing this idea from my parents who went through a phase of gifting everyone magazine subscriptions and they went down so well. You can often time the first issue to arrive around the right time but you could print off your confirmation and put in a card or even get a previous issue from a newsagents to have a physical gift to wrap up.

Reusable Cotton Pads ~ For years I was always given at least five packets of cotton pads at Christmas then around 2 years ago I learnt they were terrible for the environment; at first I just cut back and used them more sparingly but now I used reusable ones, you just throw them in a normal wash in a little net bag so they don’t get lost and you’re good to go again; so far I’ve converted my Aunt to them and will be trying them on my sister this year.

Any links I’ve marked with a are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission for directing you to the page, obviously you’re not obligated to use my links all

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