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Christmas Gift Guide 2019 ~ Book Lovers

With Christmas shopping in full swing I thought I’d share a couple of ideas and suggestions for gifts for the book lovers in your life; all of the items linked below I’ve purchased for myself or someone else or even been given at somepoint; I’m from the UK so depending on where you might want to hunt down a more local seller to save on postage.  I’ve avoided just giving a list of “good books” as my taste is possibly completely different to yours or your friends’ so these are more book related.  Let me know if you’ve given/received any of these or if you have any ideas you think people should know about in the comments.

Kindle – the obvious and ultimate (depending on your view of ebooks) book lover gift. A pretty generous one too so you’re going to want to be sure this is something the recipient is going to want and use but

Kindle Cover ~ if the person you’re buying for already has a kindle they love then a new case can be a great way to personalise and protect it. Personally I like the book cover style ones with a magnetic close, they put the screen to sleep when you close them and you don’t have a separate item to hold when you’re reading, my current one is from a brand called Ayotu but there are plenty to choose from – just make sure you’re buying the right model!

Blind Date with a Book ~ Beautifully wrapped in brown paper with just four short clues as to what kind of book is inside these make a great mysterious gift. The downside of a complete surprise is it could be a book they already own but I think these are perfect as you can’t personally be blamed for not quite getting the selection right and they’re a lot of fun to open.

Book Lovers Box ~ Another gift with the element of surprise; I bought one of these for myself and was super impressed with the contents, for just £12 there were 2 books, a candle, a reusable cup, bookmarks and plenty of sweet treats.  You get to pick the genre of the books and everything comes well packaged so everything is thought of for you.

Personalised Photo Bookmark ~ In the age of camera phones how often do you print out photos you love? Two years ago I got one of these bookmarks made for my mom and she loved it, I got to send the seller four images, I picked the colour of the bookmark and the tassel and I even had the option to add a ‘design proof’ step for an extra £1 where you get sent a proof and can ask for changes before the item is printed.

Colouring Book~ Its not for everyone but colouring can be a really relaxing activity and its perfect as something to do post-Christmas dinner while lying on the sofa, half watching a film and eating miniature Heroes, The Mindfulness Colouring Book is a great pocket size with some lovely geometric patterns to colour so you don’t feel you need to be too fussy about what colours you have to hand – you could even pair these with a small set of pencils to make a lovely set.

Magnetic bookmarks ~ Cheap and cheerful, these make a lovely little add-on or stocking filler. I’ve given several or these to friends I know are travelling around Christmas and bulky gifts might be pushing their luggage over a weight limit.

Any links I’ve marked with a are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission for directing you to the page, obviously you’re not obligated to use my links all.

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