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Christmas Tea O’Christmas Tea

Something a little bit different today, a non-bookish post! Hopefully you’ll still find this interesting as if you’re anything like me one of the few things better than curling up on the sofa with a book with curling up on the sofa with a book and a cup of tea.  Over the last few years I’ve experimented a bit more with tea flavours and placed my first Bird and Blend order in 2017, since then I’ve always had their teas in my cupboard, my personal favourite is ButterBrew, a limited edition that pops back up for sale every now and again but what I think Bird and Blend do excellently is seasonal collections so I snapped up the 2019 Christmas Collection as soon as I saw it for sale.

These are all loose teas, I use either a small teapot of a basket infuser which you can pick up on their website but you’ll be able to find cheaper on websites like Amazon.

The Christmas Tea Gift Box contains six 20g sample packets of loose tea all in the special edition Christmas pouch design.


Salted Caramel Lebkuchen
A black tea that tastes just like the German gingerbread-esque treat, I didn’t so much get the salted caramel but that didn’t stop me loving this.
Verdict ~ 5/5 ~ better without milk

Hazelnut Rocher
From my favourite to the one that didn’t quite stand up to expectations, I’ve not been a fan of chocolate flavoured tea in the past so this could just be personal preference but without milk, I wouldn’t drink this.
Verdict ~ 2/5 ~ better without milk

Mulled Wine
A fruit infusion with a wintry spice twist; we love a bit of mulled wine in my house and this is perfect for when it’s not a great time to be breaking out a bottle.
Verdict ~ 4/5 ~ fruit tea so no milk needed

In contrast to my earlier comment in checking the website, I’ve just realised this has a small amount of chocolate in it! I must be distracted by the mini marshmallows in the mix.
Verdict ~ 3/5 ~ better with milk

Gingerbread Chai
A very fine loose tea, you’ll need a proper loose tea basket for this one. This smells like it’s going to have a proper spice kick to it so I was pleasantly surprised to find the taste not too overwhelming and really enjoyable.

Verdict ~ 3/5 ~ Better with milk

Fairytale of NY
A tea that tastes just like an Irish coffee (but is still a tea), next time I try this one I’m considering popping a bit of Baileys in.
Verdict ~ 4/5 ~ Better with milk


This post is completely non-sponsored, just the ramblings of someone who really loves tea. Have you ever tried anything from Bird and Blend?

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