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Bird Brain ~ Chuck Mullin

144 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Netgalley eARC

The tag line for this graphic novel is “Comics About Mental Health, Staring Pigeons”; I could not hit request quick enough. I’m not normally one for graphic novels but the premise of this sounded so different and made me really want to read it.

The author speaks about their experience of anxiety and the impact its had on her life and her relationships; one way she found helped her work through her feeling was to draw comics.  Most of these star pigeons and work on the basis of what is an everyday animal such as a pigeon was experiencing the same thoughts she was?  The pigeons and the style of illustration add an element of humour and while it is a rather emotive topic I found it to be an uplifting read; focusing on how the author learnt to regain some control over her negative thoughts.

The comics are independent from each other, each capturing a particular thought or emotion, there are also several snippets of narrative from the author explaining her experiences throughout; I think this would be perfect for either helping people unaffected by anxiety who might be struggling to understand what others are going through or to remind people who are affected that their not alone – I’m thinking the equivalent Matt Haig’s The Truth Pixie for a slightly older audience.

For a little insight into the style you can expect from this graphic novel check out @chuckdrawsthings on Instagram for a mixture of pigeon comics and self-portraits.

The American release is this month so you can get a physical copy on 19th November if you’re in the US or don’t mind waiting on shipping but if you’d prefer a digital kindle copy it looks like you might have to wait until May 2020 but you can get your pre-orders in now.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy this in exchange for an honest review.

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