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October 2019 ~ Wrap Up

October turned into an extension of the reading slump I fell into post-honeymoon; I think I’m starting to make my way out of it but I’ve been spending a lot more time knitting and a lot less time reading.  Send me your tips for getting back into the swing of things please!

So Lucky* ~ The newest release from Dawn O’Porter follows three women; Ruby, Beth and Lauren, three different lives brought together by one event, the wedding of the year of Lauren to Dragon’s Den millionaire star Gavin Riley; this was released on 31st October and you can read my full thoughts here, 4 stars.

Beautiful Complicated Family Vol 2* ~ The second in Rosey Lee’s collection of flash fictions, if you’re someone who has very little spare time but still wants to get a bit of reading in these would be absolutely perfect as you can read them in the time it takes to have a cup of tea; for more information check out my full review, 4 stars.

Do Llamas Fall In Love? ~ A collection of 33 philosophical puzzles explained through relatable, simplified and often funny examples; while I think this did a good job of making some of these theories and puzzles more relatable to people who haven’t studied philosophy or ethics I did get a bit lost in some of the analogies and found myself skimming through several of the chapters, 2 stars.

No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference ~ A teeny book that packs a punch, this is a compilation of Greta Thunberg’s speeches, you could look them up online or spend a couple of pounds on a physical copy , either way, I would recommend giving this some time, 4 stars.

Can’t Judge a Book on Its Murder* ~ A new release murder mystery, when a murder occurs in a small town a book club made up predominantly of older ladies turn investigators to try and save their accused friend, full review here, 4 stars.

The Night Watch ~ I was a bit late in finishing this, The Night Watch was chosen as the September book club pick for Lauren and The Books patreon. I picked it up late in September and struggled to find the time to dedicate to reading it that this book deserves. We follow four core characters through the 1940s in London but backwards; when we first meet Helen, Kay, Duncan and Viv its post-war London and everyone is piecing their lives back together, we then jump backwards a few years to 1943 and hear about the events which lead to their life situations in part one. It was a really clever way of digesting the story and by the end I found myself really sympathising with some of the choices I’d judged earlier on; however if you’re someone that likes closure this will be frustrating as there’s no tying up of loose ends,  3 stars.

Autumn ~ I’ve been saving this one to a seasonably appropriate time, what I didn’t realise is that this book covers the period of the initial Brexit vote in 2016, highly topical in October 2019, without getting into politics on a book blog, the chapter that covered the vote and the reaction of the country was so powerful given that when this was written we were just at the beginning of what would become years of the same conversations.  It took a while to get used to the writing style but I loved how autumnal and cosy some of these chapters felt, yes the character dynamic was heartwarming but some of my favourite parts were the descriptive imagery of autumnal Britain,  3 stars.

What If It’s Us ~ I was interested to pick this up as it written by two authors, from what I’ve read online they each wrote one of the main characters, Ben and Arthur. I enjoyed it but for me it was ever so slightly insta-love, 3 stars.

Bird Brain* ~ The tag line for this graphic novel is “Comics About Mental Health, Staring Pigeons”; I could not hit request quick enough; this is out mid-November and there’ll be a full review up in the next couple of weeks, 4 stars.

I’m starting to plan my December Christmassy reads so any recommendations please send them over!

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