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September 2019 ~ Wrap Up

September has been very much a story of two halves; the first two weeks were spent off work and mainly in Crete on our honeymoon where I had all the time in the world for reading. Then back down to reality with a bump, life taken over by the pile of paperwork needed to update my surname and a little bit of a reading slump.

Daisy Jones & The Six ~ I started this on the plane journey out of the UK and loved format.  Its written in interview form, chronologically, switching between people so I loved how you got an idea of how the same event has been remembered in different ways by each person.  I’ve heard its a full cast audio book so if listening along is your kind of thing this could be a great option.  In this you hear about singer/songwriter Daisy Jones and band The Six came together for one of the most successful albums of all time but how the relationships and dynamic within the group meant that album was their last, 4 stars.

How to be a Grown Up ~ I’ve had this on my kindle for a while, Daisy Buchanan’s hindsight How To guide to everything from relationships to washing your hair properly. I enjoyed it but I think if I hadn’t been reading it on holiday I would have taken a lot longer to get through it, however I’m not sure I’m the target audience and this would be better for someone a bit younger  3 stars.

Mythos ~ We went to Crete for our honeymoon so it seemed fitting that this come with me; while I love Stephen Fry I’ve not ready many of his books but I’d definitely recommend this one, 4 stars

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle ~ This was very much an impulse start, sometime you just need to abandon TBR and go with what you fancy. Written in a completely different style to anything I’ve read before our main character is reliving the same day from different people’s perspectives trying to solve a murder; Aiden is stuck in a loop, reliving the same week until he can solve the mystery of the murder but also why he’s even there.  Very interesting concept but was a bit confusing, each time you’ve got a grasp of who’s who, Aiden wakes up in a new body; there is a list of characters at the start but on a kindle its not the easiest to flip backwards and forwards and I found the ending slight annoying, 3 stars.

The Confession* ~ Jessie Burton’s latest novel was released earlier this month, you can read my full thoughts here but I think this is going to be just as popular as her previous works; 4 stars.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz ~ My husband questioned my taking this on holiday as it isn’t exactly a typical light-hearted pool side read but I couldn’t put this down. Luckily the day I read this we spent most of the day by the pool so I didn’t need to move much; would highly recommend and can’t wait for Heather Morris’ next release, 5 stars.

Trickery ~ We flew back to the UK on Roald Dahl’s birthday so it seemed fitting to start another of his short story collections; as with most of these I think its worth bearing in mind that they were published coming on for 70 years ago and what might have been considered scandalous and trickery then would now be considered less so. That being said some of these were really funny, quite often the ‘trick’ being played on a not so likeable character with the feeling of them getting their comeuppance, 3 stars.

Tell Me Another Story* ~ A debut collection of poetry from Emmy Marucci with a heavy focus on personal loss, full thoughts here, 3 stars.

Beautiful Complicated Family (Vol 1) * ~  The first in two volumes of flash fiction released in November; these short stories are great for those short on time. All of these stories are based around family dynamics and can be read in just a few minutes, 3 stars.

If you fancy picking up any of these books with free worldwide shipping take a look at my affiliate link. You’ll pay the exact same price and I’ll receive a small commission in return.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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