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The Prison Doctor ~ Dr Amanda Brown

272 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Paperback

I actually picked this up for my fiancé back in July after seeing it on Hannah Gale’s Instagram. He doesn’t read a lot but earlier this year he loved This is Going to Hurt and When Breath Becomes Air and much prefers a physical books to using his kindle,so I thought, medical memoir, can get here on prime before a long weekend and saw an opportunity to score some nice points.

This book was an instant hit, he couldn’t put it down. We were staying with family who are lucky enough to have an outdoor pool and that day he was either swimming or reading which was lovely to see so I couldn’t help but pick it up myself a couple of weeks later and ended up reading it in a similar time frame.

Dr Amanda Brown worked as a GP for over 20 years before she was offered a part-time role as a doctor at a 15-18 young offenders institution.  From there she moves onto one of history’s most notorious prisons, Wormwood Scrubs and Bronzefield, one of Europe’s largest women’s prisons.  This is an account of what led her to start working in prisons and some of the most notable people she met there.

It’s quite a quick read, Amanda doesn’t waste anytime with descriptive scene setting, this is eye-opening account of events that just keep on coming, one after another.  There are the things you might expect to hear about, violence and attempted suicide but also situations I’d never considered before; like how medicines are dispensed, everything from painkillers to diabetic medication. What struck me most about this was Amanda’s dedication and unwavering commitment to helping her patients even in extremely difficult circumstances.

I’d highly recommend this, particularly if you’ve enjoyed the books I mentioned earlier, The Prison Doctor was released back in June so you can pick up your copy now wherever you prefer to buy your books. I do have a Book Depository affiliate link which means you pay exactly the same price with free worldwide shipping and I get a small commission.

If you have any suggestions for similar books to ones mentioned in this post let me know so I can get a headstart on his next present.

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