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Try a Chapter Tag

If you’re not meant to judge a book by its cover how about judging it by its first chapter? The Try a Chapter Tag is by no means new, created (I think) by YouTuber BookParadise I saw Lauren and the Books do a version of this a couple of months ago and thought I’d give it a go as I’ve been sat staring at my TBR with no idea where to go next

The Rules in a Nutshell
★ Pick five (or more) books
★ Read the first chapter (and prologue if there is one)
★ Decide which to carry on with next (or to ditch any completely)

I picked five books from my kindle TBR as I read the chapters on a car journey and didn’t want to pack physical books.

Cinder ~ The only book from my selection that’s part of a series which is why I’ve put this off for so long.  Right until the last couple of paragraphs my generally feelings towards this were ‘meh’ but things changed right at the end of the chapter.

Everyday Sexism ~ The Introduction and first chapter make up around 12% of this book so this was the longest read from my selection. In hindsight, I’m not sure it was exactly fair to have this as the only non-fiction of the group as I tend to read non-fiction slower as a general rule. This is going to be ab eye-opener into some of the infuriating yet engrained and so often excused sexist attitude that so many people seem to consider a thing of the past. The narrative is littered with tweets and statements from a variety of people making it easier to digest the quite serious topic.

The Muse ~ Very much a scene setting chapter, we’re introduced to Odelle who’s working in a shoe shop when she receives word that her application to train to be a typist has been accepted. The impression is that this opportunity and the lady who sent the letter in particular have a big impact on her life.

Underwater Breathing  ~ The family we’re introduced to in the first chapter are so intriguing; we meet Jacob whose counting down the days until he can leave home but is getting increasingly guilty about how that means leaving his little sister with their ever arguing parents.

The Couple Next Door ~ Thrillers aren’t normally my thing but I’ve seen this on several instagram posts. The first chapter isn’t too long but reallt hits the down running, we meet two couples who are neighbours having a dinner party. One couple have been popping back to check on their child every 30mins or so after their babysitter cancelled and the hosts insisted dinner be adults only. On returning home at around 1am they find the front door ajar and the cot empty.

Verdict ~ After a sampling of all five there weren’t any of them I won’t carry on with so expect to see these popping up over the next couple of months in Wrap Ups. Quite quickly I decided to initially carry on with The Couple Next Door which I finished in just over a day and really enjoyed so all round a success.

Have you tried this tag? How do you decide what to read next?

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