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July 2019 ~ Wrap Up

July has felt busy, I feel like I say that every month but as we move into August and I officially say ”I’M GETTING MARRIED THIS MONTH” I’m also looking at one of the busiest month’s yet – yay.

This month I half-heartedly took part in The Reading Rush as I only found out about it the week before and when you’re already trying to finish The Order of the Phoenix coming up with another readathon TBR felt a bit overwhelming. I still managed to complete a few of the challenges, my profile is here for anyone who wants to take a look, feel free to add me as a friend for next year. I loved the idea and spirit of the readathon, the website is a great idea and despite a few issues at the start of the week it was a great tool for tracking your reading.

No-One Ever Has Sex On Holiday* ~ The latest in the ‘No-One Ever Has Sex…’ series jumps ahead two years and we join some of the character from the previous books on holiday in Spain, after being slightly disappointed with the last one I’m really pleased that was back to the cringe-worthy-in-good-way style I’ve grown to expect, full review here, 4 stars.

Atlantic Winds* ~ Another from the Fairlight Moderns 2019 releases, this book covers a long time frame for a novella as we follow the relationship of Tom and Sasha and their small logging town offshore of Canada, you can read more about this and the others from the series here, 3 stars.

An Edited Life ~ I pre-ordered this back in December, I was so excited to read it but I think the main reason I’ve been putting it off has been knowing that its going to make me face a few hard truths about has unorganised or ‘edited’ as Anna aptly puts it can get.  This left with the the feeling of wanting the streamline everything, with a wedding coming up next month that’s not the most practical thing in the world right now but this did push me to get round to some things I’ve been putting off e.g. the sofa bed we’ve been meaning to sell since we moved house last year is now listed on selling sites,  we finally made a decision about paint and I’ve started using depop.  I’ll be keeping hold of this for when I ever need an extra bit of motivation and the format makes it really easy to dip in and out of depending on how you’re feeling about different aspects of your life, on the whole I found Anna’s advice to be realistic and not too preachy which is exactly what I want from a book like this, 4 stars.

Everything I Never Told You ~ I’m on a bit of a mission to cut down on the number of un-read books on my shelf, this was one that I heard a lot about on YouTube but has since sat unread.  After a slightly slow start I got really into this and struggled to put it down as it kept building and started throwing the plot twists at me, 4 stars.

Why Do I Feel Like An Imposter?* ~ Extremely informative book about Imposter Syndrome, I was first introduced to the concept by a colleague and this Netgalley book came along at just the right time to provide more background.  Its out early September and a more in-depth review will be posted closer to its released, 4 stars.

China Rich Girlfriend ~ Until I hit part three I was set on not completing the trilogy but something changed in those last 120 pages that means I’ll snap up the third book if it ever sneaks its way into a kindle sale. There are still a lot of characters to keep track of but going into book two since some of them you already know and some make little or no appearance I kept it slightly better, there’s been a definite fork in the story and whereby in book one all the character threads were tied together around the wedding in this book we follow some fairly unconnected but still interesting journeys.  I also counted this for the purple cover challenge for The Reading Rush, I’m still unsure if its blue or purple but I was struggling to find anything I was more certain of that I wanted to read, 3 stars.

The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived* ~ A beautifully illustrated children’s book about Cedric who fulfils his childhood wish of becoming a knight but is unsure if his fairy tale ends with marrying a princess, the rhyming style would be great to read aloud and this would be a great conversation starter for talking to young children about relationships, 4 stars.

The Flatshare ~ This has been doing the booktube/bookstagram circuits since its release in April so I had pretty high expectations going in; this didn’t disappoint and I was pretty much hooked from the first few chapters. Leon is a palliative care nurse who works nights and needs some extra money so he decides to rent out his flat between the hours of 6pm and 8am, enter Tiffy, who’s just found herself out of a (pretty horrible) relationship and out of a home.  It begins as an odd arrangement, in an attempt to keep some distance between Leon and Tiffy, Leon’s girlfriend handles the initial rental so they don’t meet in person, instead their friendship forms through a series of post-its. Would highly recommend, 5 stars.

A Journey Through Divination & Astronomy ~ This little Harry Potter nugget was released towards the end of July and came along at a perfect time to complete the ‘read a book in the same place’ challenge for the Reading Rush; with the UK is full heatwave mode and thanks to office aircon this was a great little lunchtime desk read. It was also really interesting, what I’m loving about this little series is the inclusion of some of JK Rowling’s notes, 4 stars.

What Would The Spice Girls Do – A journey through nostalgia that will have you reaching for the nearest Spice Girls CD; this books covers a variety of aspects of the the group’s career and looks at the affect it had on the generation who followed them, giving pre-teens their first experience of feminism even if at the time they were too busy screming ‘Girl Power!’ at the top of their lungs to realise. If twenty years ago you knew the dance routine to Stop and the complete rap from Wannabe then definitely give this a read. As a bonus this counted as reading a ‘book with 5 or more words in the title’ and the read a ‘book you meant to read last year’ challenges for The Reading Rush, 3 stars.

Carnegie Hill* ~ Pepper is 33 and has just moved out from parents and into an apartment in the Chelmsford Arms with fiance Rick.  We follow the residents and staff over a couple years as they run into each other in corridors and co-op board meetings, a full review will be posted closer to its August release date, 3 stars.

HPReadathon continues, you can see the full schedule here;

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire ~ This is my favourite of the series, I just love the Quidditch World Cup and Triwizzard Tournament which give the first real glimpses into the wizarding world outside of Hogwarts, 5 stars.

Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix ~ I think I’ve finally worked out why this is my least favourite of the seven books and its to do with how long it actually takes us to get to Hogwarts, just can’t get enough of the castle setting. Despite that I did enjoy this a bit more than I usually do and its still 5 stars.

If you fancy picking up any of these books with free worldwide shipping take a look at my affiliate link. You’ll pay the exact same price and I’ll receive a small commission in return.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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