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No-One Ever Has Sex On Holiday ~ Tracy Bloom

235 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Netgalley eARC

Tracy Bloom’s “No-One Ever Has Sex…” series is my not so secret guilty pleasure, ‘…On Holiday‘ is the fifth in the series and our main protagonist Katy has come such a long way from book one.

The previous books “No-One Ever Has Sex At a Wedding” which was released in March was my least favourite so far and I was starting to think that the plot and characters were getting a little bit well worn.  With that in mind I was hesitant to get started on this one fearing it would take it even further, I needn’t have worried as we jump around 2 years into the future some of the ghosts of previous books are barely mentioned and it feels almost like a fresh start but with the same characters you’ve already grown to love.

Katy, Ben, Braindead, Abby, Daniel and Gabriel along with their four children are off to Spain, their first holiday abroad with all the children and Daniel’s first experience of budget airline travel.  On the plane they end up sitting next to a hen party they end up exchanging numbers with and at the hotel they bump into Ollie, who should have been on his honeymoon. Ollie’s character and the way the group adopt him reminded me of The Dinner Party which is possibly my favourite Tracy Bloom book so far.   I would recommend having read at least a couple of the other books in the series to give you a better character backstory; personally I was so glad to see none of Matthew and a lot more of Daniel in this one.

It’s a fairly short read, and I got through the majority of this during a lazy Sunday morning; its a perfect holiday read, either to read in one go on a sun-lounger or be continually picking up and down.  It’s light-hearted despite being a little predictable at times I did really enjoy it.

Currently, you can pre-order on Amazon Kindle for just £1.99 or for free if you’re a Kindle unlimited member at time of writing this (July 2019) ahead of release on 29th July.  Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy this in exchange for an honest review.

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