Podcast Recommendations ~ June 2019

Five more podcast episode/series recommendations for you this morning.  Personally I use Pocket Casts for my podcasts, but you should be able to find all of these on whatever platform you prefer.

Talking Tastebuds S4 E10 ~ This was a bit of a different Talking Tastebuds, split into two shorter interviews I particularly enjoyed the first half where Veneria spoke to Charles Pelletier who runs a plastic free store in London which saw me frustratingly googling to try and find a similar shop near me.

Sleep is your superpower TED Talk ~ I came across this at just the right time, I was just finishing Matthew Walker’s book Why We Sleep, the podcast is a quick 15min overview of some of the more shocking facts from the book. A perfect introduction for anyone thinking of giving the book a go.

By The Book: How to Hold a Grudge ~ By the Book is one of my long term favourite podcasts, hosts Kristen and Jolenta pick a different self-help book with each episode and live by it for two weeks. I found this episode was particularly funny, as they discussed annoyances with neighbours.

The Secret World of Slimming Clubs ~ This has rocketed up my list of favourite listens, I found this via instagram as I’ve followed one of the three co-hosts Victoria on instagram for years.  If you’ve ever been part of a slimming club (think weight watcher, slimming world etc) then you’ll relate to this completely; as someone who’s never personally attended a group but has done her fair share of attempting to stick to a diet I still find this hilarious.

The Chernobyl Podcast ~ I don’t have Skype but even I couldn’t not notice how popular its new show Chernobyl has been; there’s a corresponding podcast episode for each of the five TV episodes. I’ve been completely hooked on this the past week even without watching the show.

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