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It’s Not You It’s Him ~ Sophie Ranald

355 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Netgalley ARC

My first experience of Sophie Ranald’s writing was Sorry Not Sorry back in December, the authors name and similar cover art drew me straight to this one.

I wouldn’t call this a sequel to Sorry Not Sorry but it does pick up where it left off and we follow some of the same characters. Its New Year’s Eve and Tansy has decided on her New Year’s resolution, to win back her recent ex, Renzo.  Alongside this parts of Tansy’s past come back to haunt her when an old school friend becomes her new housemate, Josh’s return from Australia brings back all sorts of memories from her teenage years, introducing a few more serious topics than you’d probably expect from first impressions.

This is a great, easy read, perfect for fans of romantic comedies. Its set (I think) in 2018 so plenty of modern day references, the characters are great, particularly Felicity. It was refreshing to see a character in this genre that’s average sized and not trying to lose weight (at least when we first meet her) and I also loved how this book developed what we knew about Tansy’s work life in the fashion industry.

If you’ve read Sorry Not Sorry (and can remember what happened) then you will be in on Tansy’s secret until about a quarter of the way through; but I don’t think one way of approaching this would be better than the other, one makes you feel like you’re in on the secret as to why Tansy and Renzo’s relationship ended, the other adds an air of mystery, putting you in the same position as most of Tansy’s friends who all seemed to have viewed their six month relationship as going really well up to its abrupt ending just before Christmas.

Its Not You Its Him is due for Kindle release on 18th June and can currently be pre-ordered for just £1.99.  Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for early access to this in exchange for an honest review.

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