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June – August 2019 TBR

The next three months are set to be busy ones with our wedding right at the end of August so either I’ll be doing no reading because I’ll be occupied with seating charts or all the reading to distract from all wedding related chaos.

Harry Potter 1-7 ~ I’d been considering picking up Harry Potter again in the run up to the wedding so when I noticed that HPReadaton was back from 10th June – 1st September I decided to jump on it. You can find more information about the readathon and its schedule here.

China Rich Girlfriend ~ After reading Crazy Rich Asians in May I want to follow up with the sequel soon, I’m planning on reading this one before watching the film.

Everything I Never Told You ~ I’m on a bit of a mission to cut down on the number of un-read books on my shelf, this was one that I heard a lot about on youtube but has since sat unread.

Human Universe ~ Also from the unread pile on my bookshelf, I’m hoping this isn’t too heavy reading or difficult to follow!

An Edited Life ~ I pre-ordered this as I love Anna’s YouTube channel, particularly her organisational videos/blogs but so far I’ve only flicked through. I’m planning on committing to some proper life organisation over the next couple of months so this should be perfect for this.

Carnegie Hill* ~ The cover of this one jumped out at me on Netgalley, due out towards the end of August I’m hoping to get to it just before then.

What Would The Spice Girls Do – A rollover from my last TBR that I completely forgot about, I still think this will be a good travel read so I might save this for a long car journey we’ve got planned for August.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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