Podcast Recommendations ~ May 2019

Something a little bit different today, podcasts.  I’m not really a fan of audiobooks, I’d much rather read than be read to but there are times when I’m driving or walking that I find podcasts a perfect way to continually consume whether it be some informational or educational or something. Below are some of my highlights from the last month, not all of these are new releases but you’ll be able to find them in PocketCasts using the links below or by searching in your podcast app of choice.

Talking Tastebuds: Lucy Siegel ~ I saved this one until after I’d read Lucy’s book but you don’t need to have read the book to get a lot out of this.  With a focus on plastic pollution and fast fashion this is a more ‘food-light’ version of Talking Tastebuds but by far my favourite episode so far.

Food For Thought ~ Is Pollution Destroying Our Health ~ Ironically I listened to this sat in the normal conjestion on the way to work, in this episode Rhiannon speaks to Dr Matthew Loxham about outside and inside pollution, what we can and can’t do about.

First Day Back Season Two ~ While season one focused on Tally’s own story, season two follows the story of Lucie who was jailed for shooting her partner of thirteen years, an event Lucie has zero memory of.  Its a fairly short series and each of the episodes are around 20mins long, Tally did a great job of giving listeners a balanced view; this is not a podcast trying to solve a crime this is a podcast about Lucie’s experience re-entering society.

Joan & Jericha ~ Bit of a cheat because this isn’t a recent listen but I thought this was worth a mention.  This agony aunt spoof is a short eight episode series that I’m really hoping makes a comeback.

Ctrl Alt Delete: Dr Megan Jones-Bell ~ As part of her California Innovation Tour min-series Emma interviews the Chief Science Officer of mediation app Headspace.  The whole mini-series were really interesting listens but this was my favourite.  Its great to hear how technology which is usually synonymous with trying to speed us up and help us get more done is trying to help us slow down and counter-balance burnout.

Is this kind of post of any interest? Do you enjoy podcasts? I’d love to hear about any of your recommendations in the comments.

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