New World Fairy Tales ~ Cassandra Parkin

155 pages ~ ★★★★★ ~ Kindle

One of those random recommendations, an author you’ve never heard of, a cover that would have probably put me off (judgemental, I know) and a genre I don’t pay much attention to; all factors that make me all the more pleased a picked up New World Fairy Stories a couple of months ago.

Modern re-tellings of classic Grimm fairy stories like Cinderella and Snow White written as interviews, carried out for a college project, with people from or involved with the story.  The chapters are not numbered sequentially, presumably a tease to all the similar tales that weren’t included and I really enjoyed the first few pages of each as I pieced together which fairy tale the interview was taking inspiration from, some are more obvious than others.

Each interview was a bit under half an hour reading time which made it perfect to dip in and out of as I tried to read each one in as close to one sitting as I could.  Would highly recommend, I’ve already picked up Underwater Breathing, one of Cassandra Parkin’s other books to try out soon.

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