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The Multi-Hyphen Method ~ Emma Gannon

288 pages ~ ★★★★★ ~ Kindle

Occasionally you read a book that just inspires you to do some serious thinking, this is the latest book to do that to me. It got me thinking about my career, my work/life balance, how well I’m utilising my spare time, just to name a few. Emma defines herself as a multi-hyphenate; she doesn’t have a single answer to the question ‘So what do you do?’ this book explores how that’s becoming the case for more and more people and challenges that perception that its just millennials doing it. It doesn’t have to be a second job or a start-up you’re putting together in your back bedroom (more power to you if it is though) but more people are starting to see the benefit of investing their time in things they’re passionate for and not just working their way up a static career path.

The book also focuses on a big interest of mine, the stereotypical 9-5 and how its changing; how it needs to change to fit with modern working lives. From presenteeism, being able to work from home more easily to flexible hours to job-sharing this book tackles some issues that I could talk about for hours. It also doesn’t shy away from typically taboo topics such as money, with a whole chapter dedicated to something that typically gets shied away from.

The book is also littered with suggestions for exercises you can do to try and streamline your thinking and if that isn’t enough Emma has also launched her own course on SkillShare which looks to be targeted to the same topic.

For the last eighteen months my life has been consumed by house purchases and weddings, come September I’m (hopefully) going to find myself with a lot more free time and I want to make sure I’m using that in a way that’s useful, this has been a perfect thought-sparker, it even got me thinking about what I’m doing with this little old blog and how I can make it more enjoyable for myself and for anyone the stumbles across it.

The paperback of The Multi-Hyphen Method has recently been released so if you’re after a bit of motivation or just a really interesting read now is the perfect time to pick up a copy.

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