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April 2019 ~ Wrap Up

A Spark of Light – I heard about this via a podcast and then waited patiently for my library reservation for months, if you enjoy the concept of intertwining plot lines then this is for you.  Told chronologically backwards Jodi Picoult challenges your assumptions throughout this story of a hostage situation in Mississippi’s last abortion clinic, the women caught up in the event are there for varying reasons and you learn all of their backstories, as well as the stories of the hostage taker and the police involved as the book progresses; one of the cleverest writing styles I’ve read in a while, 4 stars.

Fear –  Part way through reading the prologue I realised that this wasn’t, as I’d assumed a collection written by Roald Dahl but one he’d put together of other people’s works.  He mentioned he read around 750 ghost stories while researching for a potential television series and this collection is fourteen of the best of them.  I do think that if you know you’re reading a ghost story it does ruin the twist when it turns out that the slight odd person in the story was a ghost all along.  On the whole, I enjoyed this more than I expected too once I’d realised what it was.

Animal Farm – When I decided to re-read this I hadn’t realised it was pretty much exactly two years since I’d first read it; thank you goodreads. This is a justified classic that you can read in a couple of hours, 5 stars.

For The Love of Books* – A book about books for anyone who loves books; this covers everything from book awards, writer feuds, who went by which pseudonym as well as so much more.  It would make a perfect gift for any bookworm or someone interested in publishing or literary history. Personally, I found out a bit more about some of my favourite authors and came away with lots of recommendations from the lists at the end of each chapter, 4 stars.   Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for early access to this in exchange for an honest review.

The Girl Aquarium – I’ll admit I did a little happy dance when my pre-order of Jen Campbell’s poetry collection was dispatched early. These poems are beautiful, personal favourites were The Hero and The Kitchen; 5 stars.

The Scapegoat Lauren’s April Patreon book club theme this month was Daphne du Maurier, not an author I’d read anything by before but one I’d heard of.  The Scapegoat follows the story of Englishman John and Frenchman Jean who meet one evening in a train station, alarmed at how similar they look.  After spending the evening drinking John wakes up to find that Jean has stolen all of his identification and his car, leaving his corresponding documents in return, confused by what’s happened John returns to Jean’s chateau, family and life missing his window of opportunity to tell anyone what’s happened.  I struggled to rate this, I really enjoyed it after some initial doubts but I just wanted the end to be different; throughout the book I’d grown so attached to the characters that I was disappointed that some were left where they were so 3 stars. Extremely well written though and really glad this got picked.

Humans – I saw this in an airport last year and nearly picked it up then so when the kindle copy was reduced I snapped it up, this is the history of humankind told differently, focusing on what we’ve messed up rather than humanity’s achievements, 4 stars.

Our Dark Duet – Couldn’t wait to wrap up the Monsters of Verity duology and this didn’t disappoint, I did find it a little slow to start but soon picked up the pace, difficult to review without spoilers for the first instalment but 4 stars.

The Rosie Result – The Don Tillman trilogy brought to a close, ten years after we last left Don and Rosie they’re now set uproot their lives again and return to Australia, 3 stars.

The Doll Factory* – Stand out read for me this month, 5 stars, full review to follow soon.

Hinch Yourself Happy – Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ve properly heard of Mrs Hinch, I’ve followed her on instagram for a while so was very intrigued to read her book, I was pleasantly surprised; lovely easy reading that I read in two days and really enjoyed. It’s about Sophie’s life and full of cleaning tips; if you like Sophie’s Instagram stories then you’ll enjoy this, 3 stars.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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