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Otherwise Engaged: A Novel ~ Lindsey J. Palmer

304 pages ~ ★★★☆☆ ~ Netgalley Arc

Molly and Gabe have been together for two years, they’re on a romantic getaway for their anniversary and he has a surprise for her; there’s a beautiful view in a remote clearing, sparkling wine and a love poem – not the proposal she was secretly hoping for.

Back home from their break, Gabriel completes his novel he’s been working on throughout their relationship and for the first time Molly is given a copy.  It doesn’t take long for Molly to realise that ‘The Chronicles of Dahlia’ was not so vaguely inspired by Gabe’s previous relationship with Talia The book follows contains snippets of Gabe’s writing throughout the novel which worked really well as you get to ‘read along with Molly’ because it actually takes her well over six months to get to the last chapter, I’m guessing she’s not a big reader.

The book is a pretty big hit, Gabe is getting celebrity endorsements, flying across the country to be interviewed and Talia has got back in touch; Molly begins to spiral, jumping to conclusions, becoming jealous and extremely anxious about the future of their relationship and the impact of Gabe’s new found fame.

Personally, I found this to be ok, I read it fairly quickly; parts really hooked me in, others I found myself skimming, wanting the plot to move a bit quicker. I liked that the characters weren’t perfect and I found myself quite annoyed with each of them at some point; Molly, why didn’t you make yourself read the whole book!  Gabe, why didn’t you give her a verbal warning or overview before leaving her with the transcript!  I did enjoy the ending, I thought it was going to end quite predictably but it proved better than that and wrapped things up for the main characters in a reassuring way.

Otherwise Engaged: A Novel is due for UK release on 14th March 2019.  Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for early access to this in exchange for an honest review.

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