February 2019~ Wrap Up

Don’t be deceived by the length of this list, some of these were pretty quick

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink – A collection of essays, poems and stories from a wide variety of women-focused around what feminism means for them. As with all compilation books, some of these will probably speak to you more than others but I’d recommend to anyone with an interest in the history of feminism or looking to develop their understanding about the experiences and the effects of society on others, 4 stars.

Alan Turning: Unlocking the Enigma – I bought this shortly after watching ‘The Imitation Game’ then in true me style this has sat unread for about four years, Alan Turing led a fascinating life and this book gives a good overview and introduction, 3 stars.

Two Henrys – I’ve mentioned it before but if you’re an Amazon Prime customer please read my explanation of Prime Reading. Two Henry’s is part of the ‘This Can’t Be Happening’ Collection; currently four short non-fictions about making the best of the worst case scenario.  In this Kevin tells about his experience coming to terms with his sexuality and what happened when he confided in his best friend.  This was ok and I gave it 3 stars, at 30 pages you don’t really have time to get involved but if you’re looking to dip your toe in non-fiction or just having a boost to your Goodreads total this could be ideal.

Ella Minnow Pea – Ella lives on the island of Nollop, who takes its name from  Nevin Nollop, famous for coming up with the pangram which is displayed on a statue in the middle of town.  When letters begin to fall from the statue the council take this as a sign from Nollop that those letters should be removed from use.  This is extremely clever, its not very long and written as an exchange of records 4 stars.

The Fault In Our Stars – I first read this about five years ago and still enjoyed it as a re-read, 4 stars.

Playgroups and Prosecco* – Playgroups and Prosecco follows Frankie throughout 2018 in the form of the diary she starts as a new years resolution; the short diary entry format keeps up the pace as well as making it easy to dip in and out off, so perfect for busy readers. I got a bit of a Bridget Jones vibe from the way Frankie records her daily intake of Jaffa Cakes and awkward encounters at the start of most entries which I really liked. Its got quite a lot of awkwardly funny moments while also dealing with some difficult issues around co-parenting.  I gave this three stars, possibly if I had kids of my own I would have identified with more of the situations but would recommend to anyone who enjoys easy to read, funny novels.

Tilly and the Bookwanderers – Technically this is a children’s book but after hearing Jen Campbell interview the author Anna James I really wanted to give it a read.  Tilly Pages lives with her Grandparents who run bookshop Pages & Co, during the school holidays Tilly spends all her time reading and helping out in the shop you can stream the interview on YouTube 4 stars.

Wilde About The Girl – Back in June last year I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Wilde Like Me so decided to pick up the sequel, this didn’t quite enchant me as much as the first but its well worth a read, 4 stars. While I was reading this I’m sure I saw that there’s going to be a third instalment which I’d definitely pick up.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – If you’ve not been enchanted by the Netflix adaptation of this then where have you been? After watching it for a third time I figured it was time to pick up the book and luckily I enjoyed it just as much as the film; the sequel is already on my library reservation list, 5 stars.

Hidden Bodies – I picked up You back in 2017 as part of an A-Z reading challenge and watching the Netflix series renewed by interested in ready the sequel.  I gave his 3 stars, I found it much less captivating than the first instalment but I think it will make a great second series on Netflix.

The Fairer Sex series – An Amazon Original short story series available for free with Prime Reading, almost too short to review individually so far I’ve picked up  Candace (4 stars), Meredith (2 stars), Alicia (3 stars), Heidi (2 stars), Clara (2 stars) They’ve been nice quick reads for when you have a spare 20mins, can’t say they’re must-reads but if you have Prime and can get them for free some are quite funny.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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