Prime Reading

To save myself explaining the concept of Prime Reading multiple times, I thought I’d write a post I can link back to for anyone who’s curious about the concept.  I discovered this little nugget back in October 2018 and am trying to get in the habit of checking it regularly for new offerings.

First off, don’t get prime reading confused with Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited is a paid for service where users can digitally ‘borrow’ an unlimited number of kindle books for £7.99 a month. This is a great deal if you’re a big reader and read new releases or books that are not typically discounted very often.

Prime Reading is available to all Prime users for no additional fee, it allows you to borrow up to 10 books at a time from a limited collection.  From what I’ve seen so far books you’ve borrowed don’t expire unless they are removed from Prime Reading and you can return books with one click and space is instantaneously available for you to borrow new items.

You don’t need to own a kindle to make use of this, you can read on the free Kindle app on most devices; it’s also available to other members of your Amazon Househouse so you don’t have to be the Prime bill payer to take advantage.

I’ve noticed popular authors such as V E Schwab, a multitude of Lonely Planet guides as well as tonnes of magazines on there so well worth checking out if you’re an existing Prime member. My current favourites are the Amazon Original short stories that have been added, perfect for when you have a spare 20mins.



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