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January 2019 ~ Wrap Up

January became a month of library and Netgalley requests coming like buses; except when they all arrive at the same time you really want to go on all the buses. That’s a terrible metaphor but basically lots of books, very little time! Still this is a good start towards my 100 books in 2019 though I’ll be looking forward to reading with less ‘deadlines’ in February.

Educated – My library reservation came in just before Christmas so I get to jump on the bandwagon of people raving about this book, it’s a hard-hitting memoir from Tara Westover who grew up in a family striving for self-sufficiency, Tara wasn’t sent to school and didn’t even have a birth certificate until she was nine causing some confusion as to when she was even born.  This is a gripping, hard to believe of her account of her life, how she eventually left her parents home and ended up studying at Harvard and Cambridge.

Roam*- A new YA release, coming out early February, Roam follows seventeen year old Abby who’s family have moved after finding themselves homeless, full review here. 4 stars.

Once Upon a River* – Historical fiction meets folklore mystery, full review here. 3 stars.

Lethal White – The fourth instalment in the Cormoran Strike series is chunky, be warned. I got this from my library and as soon as I picked it up I felt the pressure of finishing it within a busy three weeks but as expected this drew me in and I was trying to cram in another chapter whenever I could; reading a hardback copy did make it distinctly not portable!  4 stars.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence – There are several books from the ‘Introducing…’ graphic guide series available on Prime Reading so I thought I’d give one a go.  This gives a fair overview of the history of the topic and the graphics definitely make it easier to digest that paragraph upon paragraph of text; however I think this was a bad choice of topic for me as I already know a fair bit about AI from work so 2 stars but will look to try a different topic where I have less prior knowledge.

The Mermaid’s Voice Returns In This One* – I was very excited to be able to read the third and final instalment of Amanda Lovelace’s Women Are Somekind of Magic series early thanks to NetGalley. A dedicated post will be up nearer the time but this was a 5 star read and I’ve already pre-ordered my physical copy.

The Unwinding of the Miracle* – The remarkable memoir of Julie Yip-Williams who battled colon cancer for four years, this is released on 14th February; this was a difficult to read but difficult to put down account of her and her family and their journey, 4 stars.

How To Live Plastic Free – The Marine Conservation Society uses this book to highlight the sheer amount of things we encounter on a daily basis that are made of plastic, many of which we don’t currently have an alternative for.  As someone who’s trying to reduce their plastic I’m all here for reusable cups, sandwich wraps and taking my own bags for loose veg; however (at risk of being controversial) I’m not so much here for making my own mascara,3 stars.

Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel* – I loved this, my favourite Ruth Hogan book yet, this comes out on the 7th Feb and a full review will be up very soon, 5 stars.

Hopeless Romantic – Written by Dolly Alderton as part of the pound project, this is can be enjoyed for (no surprises) as little as £1. This is a heart-warming essay where Dolly talks about her experience of being a hopeless romantic, where she thinks it came from and how its affected her life. Well worth the tiny price tag for very enjoyable quick read, 5 stars.

I Owe You One* – Normally Sophie Kinsella is my go to for light-hearted romantic comedy, maybe my expectations were a bit high but for me this fell a little flat, again this is out on the 7th Feb.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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