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Roam ~ C.H. Armstrong

Abby and her family have just moved from Omaha to Rochester and are living in their family van after a spiral of events leaves them homeless.  Abby and sister Amber both start new schools while their mom and step-dad desperately try to find jobs and somewhere for them to live.  We follow Abby as she navigates being 17, being homeless, moving cities and struggling to come to terms with the reasons they’ve ended up in this situation.

This was a typical YA boy meets girl, girl has a secret, boy asks girls to homecoming, girl is desperate to keep secret and go to homecoming with boy; but I think its really important that YA fiction covers important topics such as homelessness, highlighting how quickly someone situation can change and how our default is often to assume people’s situations without actually asking them.

I gave this four stars, there were a couple of things which very mildly annoyed me, mainly around the way Zach initially pursues Abby, mainly by telling her she’s spending lunch with him even after she’s told him no. I get that by knowing Abby’s situation the reader knows she’s saying no because she doesn’t want Zach to find out she’s homeless and not because she doesn’t want to spend time with him and I felt it was romanticising boys ignoring when girls say no; not a massive thing, I don’t think its a problem it just made me feel like Zach was being a bit pushy; then someone else tells Abby that because Zach is popular and shown an interest no other boys would, but it is the way teenagers would act.

That being said, I would defiantly recommend and would purchase it for someone in the right age bracket.  Roam is due for UK release on 5th February 2019 on kindle and in paperback.   Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for early access to this in exchange for an honest review.

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