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Sorry Not Sorry ~ Sophie Ranald

Sorry Not Sorry is the latest release from Sophie Ranald, an author I’d not previously heard of before spying this on Netgalley, the bright blue over with a big Margarita glass on the front drew me straight in.

After living with best friend Maddy and Maddy’s fiance Henry for several years, Charlotte finds herself left in a house-share with strangers after Maddy and Henry achieve the ultimate of London-living millennial goals, buying their own house.  They’re replaced with model-like fashion worker Tansy and Henry’s introverted yet opinionated cousin Adam.  Not long after her housemates move out Charlotte discovers the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ podcast, which encourages her to take on a series of dating related challenges that force her outside of her comfort zone.

This is seemingly set in 2017, there are references to tinder, bumble, snapchat and Prince Harry’s engagement abound, but my favourite has to be Charlotte’s musings about Malteaser buttons, girl read my mind, waste of space or best chocolate ever, I’m really not sure.

This was exactly the kind of book I needed, getting on a train after a long day at a London conference, relatable, funny and just the right amount of fluffy romantic comedy.  The characters are great and I loved that this not only focused on Charlotte’s romantic relationships but her friendships as well.  This is also one of the first books I’ve read where podcasts have featured so heavily, I adore podcasts and listen to them all the time so it was nice to see them given some airtime.  Overall, a great read that I’d recommend to any romantic comedy fan, 4 stars.

Sorry Not Sorry is due for release on 13th February 2019, and can currently be pre-ordered on Kindle for a bargainous 99p so a perfect little Valentine’s gift to yourself! Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for early access to this in exchange for an honest review.

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