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November 2018 ~ Wrap Up

Slightly disappointed at how short this list is, where has all the reading time gone! As it’s our first Christmas in our house and we’re getting a full height tree for the first time, I’m making a conscious effort during December to sit down with a book while the lights flicker away.

Adequate Yearly Progress* – Full thoughts here, 3 stars.

To Kill a Mockingbird – I can see why this is a classic but it took me about a third of the book to start liking it. 4 stars

In Order to Live – The remarkable story of Yeonmi Park who managed to escape North Korea at the age of thirteen only to find herself in the midst of the world of Chinese human trafficking.  I think this ticks off all the books on North Korea I’ve got so please throw any recommendations this way, 4 stars.

The Wasp Factory – Not my usual book, this was mentioned to me by a family member as being ‘a bit weird’, I was intrigued, I bought a copy to take on holiday, I discovered this is not really my kind of holiday read. Well written but a strange plot with a very interesting central character, 3 stars.

The Undomestic Goddess – Following the wasp factory I needed something uplifting and light and I knew Sophie Kinsella would pull through for me, I enjoyed this and maybe 3 stars is a bit harsh but I while the premise was good and it was well written I found the love interested lacking somewhat but annoyingly can’t put my finger on specifically what is it I would have wanted. In contrast to the above, this would have been perfect for a holiday!

How To Land a Plane* – This is a great short read for anyone who has an interest in knowing a bit more about how planes fly and what’s involved in landing one, its a shame this isn’t out in time for Christmas as would be a great stocking filler.  Currently scheduled for release in April 2019, 4 stars.

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