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Adequate Yearly Progress ~ Roxanne Elden

Adequate Yearly Progress is set in Brae Hill High School, Texas. We follow a handful of teachers as a new school year starts with some interesting changes, a new superintendent takes over and introduces ‘believer scores’ a new way of measuring staff performances alongside test results.

The book captures and emphasises the types of characters one usually encounters in schools, the enthusiastic new teacher who tries to start each lesson with a ‘fun’ activity to get students engaged; the well-meaning who just wants to get through lessons with most of the students listening and the procedure driven data  enthusiast who always hands in their paperwork earlier than needed to show everyone else up to name a few.  They’re generally well rounded and I liked that the book focused on the teachers lives outside of school as well as inside.

I have a lot of teachers in my family so many of the OOT processes described in this fictional novel reminded me of similar initiatives I’ve seen come and go in real life.  I gave this three stars because for me the plot was a bit slow in places, I do think that for the right person this could make a great gift, potentially giving any teachers in your life a break from another ‘Worlds Best Teacher’ mug.  Available in kindle and paperback now.

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