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XX ~ Angela Chadwick

Angela Chadwick’s debut novel XX completely drew me in from the tagline on the cover, “How far would you go for a child of your own.”

Juliet and girlfriend Rosie were looking into sperm donor options when the government approves clinic trials for ovum to ovum conception, as a journalist, Juliet knows all too well that they need to keep their involvement and identities confidential for as long as possible however the news is leaked early on making their lives a lot more difficult; now as well as coming to terms with having a baby, their suddenly faced with a barrage of reporter, photographers and protestors. This adds an element of ‘whodunit’ to the story as it can only be one of their close friends or family who’ve told the media.

The concept behind this is fascinating, it’s not an entirely unplausible possibility and while (I don’t think) its specified in the book this is written as if it could be set in the present day so its massively thought-provoking as well. The characters and their relationships are pretty relatable and believable; as the book is written in the first person you hear everything from Jules’ perspective as she’s dubbed the world’s first ‘lesbian father’.

I gave this four stars just because I thought the ending was a little cliche, but would definitely recommend!  XX is released tomorrow in hardback and on Kindle,  Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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