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Autumn 2018 ~ TBR

I’m going to try something slightly different with TBRs and try doing them seasonally (Autumn should cover September to November), I’m finding monthly isn’t giving me much scope to read what I really fancy so let’s see how this goes; I’ll still be doing monthly wrap-ups of everything I’ve read at the end of each month.
Jamaican Inn – Rolling over from September, thankfully this was a bi-monthly group read so technically I’m not behind as long as I get to this in October
Two Dark Reigns – The third novel in Kendra Blake’s Three Dark Crowns series is released early October and I’m quite excited for this to land on my doorstep, any current reads will most likely be abandoned.
How To Kill a Mockingbird – I got massively diverted from this and even forgot to take it on holiday with me so rolling it over from September
The Muse – I read Jessie Burton’s first novel back in 2017, in fact it was the first book I read for the first RFP Goodreads group read I took part in so it’s about time I read her second offering.
Educated – All being well and my library reservation coming in; I’ve heard really good things about this.

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