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Joyful ~ Ingrid Fetell Lee

I’ve not heard of Ingrid before I heard about this book and the first thing I did after reading the blurb was to watch her TED talk Where joy hides and how to find it; debut novel Joyful follows in a similar vein, exploring some of the main things which bring people (in general) joy and the reasoning behind them.

A lot of what Ingrid covers wasn’t a massive shocker; people like colourful things, people like surprises, people like celebrating but she backs everything up with research and facts; she’s experienced such a variety of things in her journey to understand joy, from going to Iceland to speak to people to see elves to spending the night in a bubble house.

My favourite chapter had to be the one on colour, we moved into our house about six months ago; the people who owned it before us had renovated it, covering every wall in magnolia in the process; it wasn’t until I read the colour chapter that it started to bother me and now we have a bright plum feature wall in the living room and plans to repaint the bathrooms and the spare room soon.

As Ingrid herself mentions in the introduction, some chapters of the book will be more interesting than others for dfferent people, so don’t’ go in expecting to be hooked on every word, for example, I found colour and magic really interesting to read where as transcendence I was less bothered by.  I gave this four stars, mainly because while some sections I enjoyed more than others this book has impacted my life; not in a major way but my very magnolia house is slightly more colourful thanks to this book for giving me the nudge I needed into the paint aisle.

Joyful was released in early September and is available now in hardback and Kindle,  Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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