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September 2018 ~ TBR

How is it September?! This means several things, we’re now past the one year mark counting down to my wedding and we get to have a weeks holiday this month!

Joyful* – I’ve started this and as cheesy as it sounds reading it is making me feel quite joyful; Ingrid Fetell Lee analyses, in turn, different elements of life which generally give people joy like colour and explains why.  So far its interesting and particularly the colour chapter made me look again at my very magnolia walls at home.

The Essex Serpent – This month I am resolving to get back into the swing of my favourite Goodreads group, RFP. Luckily their September fiction pick was already on my TBR.

Jamaican Inn – The classic pick for September/Oct from RFP, I’ve not read any Daphne Du Maurier so here goes nothing.

To Kill A Mockingbird – Another classic and one I specifically bought well over a year ago with all the good intentions.

Not That Bad* – I was so excited to be approved for a copy of this anthology of essays edited by Roxanne Gay who’s writing Itooame to far too late in life, so I’ll be picking this up asap.

Good Bones – I’m having The Handmaid’s Tale withdrawal so I’m giving another of Ms Attwood’s books a go, I think this is a short story collection so perfect for the holiday.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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