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Dr. Jekyll & Mr Seek

This picks up seven years after Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic; Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Following the disappearance of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Mr Utterson, Henry Jekyll’s lawyer, is soon to take possession of the estate when Dr Jekyll appears to return.

Continuation wise, I think this fits the original well; the style of writing and speech done to tie in really nicely.  Overall I thought the plot was imaginative, it definitely kept my interest and while it obviously reuses the setting and characters from the first I didn’t feel like it leant on the first to justify it; my main issue was the pacing, personally, a hell of a lot happens in a very short amount of time, to the point that I started to re-read sections to check I hadn’t missed something.

Sequels to classics will always gather mixed opinions depending on how individuals have interpreted the first and how set in their mind it is; I did re-read the original last month and I think I enjoyed it more having the characters fresh in my mind; however this was also what I had the most issue with. Particularly with regards to Utterson’s character, his actions in this book didn’t really match my previous interpretation; then again it has been seven years and people change!

Dr. Jekyll & Mr Seek is currently scheduled to be released in hardback on 16th October, but can be picked up on kindle now.  Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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