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January 2018 ~ Wrap UP

Ok, so the whole read a little bit less and spend time on a different hobby went really well… but in between house viewing, mortgage meetings, insurance chats and solicitor emails reading has 100% been my escape this month.

Deception – Another of Roald Dahl’s short story collections, these focus on lies and deceit, I enjoyed this a lot more than Madness which I read back in October.  There were a couple of longer stories which added a bit of variety and allowed you to become a more involved, its a similar writing style to the previous one in that several of the stories leave you hanging to imagine what the ending would be which works very well, particularly with some of the slightly darker stories. 4 stars.

Northern Lights –  I was obviously so wrapped up in Harry Potter to even give this one a chance when I was younger and while I have no regrets that I read the Harry Potter cyclically for several years I wish I’d discovered this series sooner because younger me would have adored it, 4 stars

Me Before You – I got completely caught up with this and read it in a weekend, I knew very little about the plot and wasn’t exactly anticipating such, I’ve heard mixed things about the film.  5 stars.

I am Malala – Originally published in 2013, a year after Malala was shot by the Taliban on her way home from school, the edition I have also has an epilogue with an update of Malala’s first two years in the UK, as well as a short interview.  It was an interesting read, though researching afterwards there are two versions, a young readers and an adult which sound like they have slightly different content/details; at a guess, I read the young readers edition because of the language used.  Overall I enjoyed the book, it was a great way of finding out a bit more about a person I’ve heard so much about over the last 5 years; 4 stars.

Anansi Boys – This was an odd one for me.  The premise is actually fascinating when I think about it in hindsight and it wasn’t a bad book, I just couldn’t get properly involved with the story, even the last 120pages or so when everything starts to intertwine a bit more, I just didn’t get the ‘don’t want to put this down’ feeling that I often get towards the end of a book, which is making me reconsider how much I want to read American Gods as I believe its set in the same world. 3 stars.

Shockaholic – After finished I am Malala, I wanted an easy read on my kindle to get me through the remainder of a car journey so decided to pick this up as it follows on (kind of) from Wishful Drinking which I read last month.  This is another of Carrie Fisher’s memoirs and is another honest account, this time of her relationship with ECT and her relationship with her father. 3 stars.

The Subtle Knife – Yes, I reserved this before I’d even finish Northern Lights, I found this to be more difficult to get into that Northern Lights, there are more worlds and more characters and I did get a bit lost at times.  About two thirds of the way through things start to tie back together  3 stars

When Dimple Met Rishi – Bit of a random one, I heard a lot about this on booktube last year so when it was reduced at 99p I got it straight away, then let it sit unread for over 6 months.  Dimple and Rishi’s parents have arranged for their children to meet at an app-designing convention over the summer before they both start university in the hopes they’ll eventually get married.  Rishi is fully aware of the plan, Dimple, who has a few problems with her parent’s traditional ways and is only interested in meeting her technology hero has no idea.  Que quite a cute story of teenage romance that’s a teeny bit insta-love. Would have enjoyed more on Dimple’s tech side of things and more exploration into what the roommate seemed to be going through though.  3 stars.

The No Spend Year – Like many people one of my new year’s resolutions was to spend less money, its post-Christmas, I’m trying to buy a house and generally be a bit more sensible about the random impulse purchases I tend to make.  Big shout out to Amazon Prime here, you little enabler you.  Anyway, I thought now would be a good time to give this a read, Michelle challenges herself to cut right back for an entire year, spending money only on what she needs to; her house, utilities, food, cleaning products and toiletries; no meals out, event tickets, trips to the pub etc.  The book covers each of the areas where people normally spend money e.g. groceries, days out, holidays etc interspersed with shorter chapters about things like mortgages or ISA; this parts are probably quite specific to people living in the UK; as are quite a  few of her suggestions but it does prove that with careful planning and a fair amount of sacrifice it is possible to save a lot of money. While parts were interesting I did skip over quite a few sections, 3 stars.

City of Bones – I decided to abandon reading this completely until I’ve got Crooked Kingdom, The Dark Materials series and the Shades of Magic series; I’ll hopefully pick this up later in the year but for now I’ll take it one magical work at a time!

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