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December 2017 ~ TBR

It’s December, I think this is probably my favourite month of the year, mainly because most places are a little bit more sparkly and there’s a constant reason for having a festive coffee in your hands.

Not Working – This has moved over from last month, I started it a couple of days ago so should be done with this one soon.

Six of Crows – This is one I’ve been meaning to get to for a while, having read the previous Grisha trilogy last year I’m excited to be back in the Grishaverse for this one.

Career of Evil – Rounding off my Robert Galbraith reading this month with the last one in the series (so far), if this is anything like the previous two I’ll be joining the ranks of people on twitter just waiting for JK to announce she’s completed book 4.

No-one ever has Sex on Christmas Day – This is the third book in a series I read last year so when I saw there was a new Christmassy instalment available for 99p how could it not be on this month’s to read list? From what I remember of the previous two they were fairly easy going

A Christmas Carol – planning on saving this little Charles Dickens re-read for the weekend before Christmas

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