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October 2017 ~ Wrap Up

One Dark Throne – I think the best thing about this book is – its not the last week!  I was sure this was duology but its not because I loved this, and it made me love the first one even more.  Its YA and it’s an easy read but I think its a great world with some really interesting characters, 5 stars

The Innocent Wife – I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The Innocent Wife follows English school teacher Sam as she befriends Dennis Danson, an American imprisoned for a murder she, and many others are convinced he didn’t commit.  Personally I’m not a massive crime/thriller fiction lover but I did enjoy this and found it quite easy to get quickly immersed in. It’s an extremely interesting premise; firstly what would lead someone to write to a man sentenced to die for the murder of a young girl? Secondly how would you deal with being released after you’ve been locked up for over twenty years, falling headfirst into a world of iphones and twitter. Thirdly, how does a marriage built through letters and plexiglass when they’re left to be a ‘normal’ couple.  4 stars.

Madness – This is a collection of short stories all related to the theme of ‘fear and unreason’. They’re definitely a bit dated but some of them are over 80 years old so that’s to be expected. I found them to be a bit mixed, I skipped one that simply confusing me but others I loved and were annoyed they were such short tales; they all have an element of dark humour running through them and definitely leave you plenty of pause for thought. Overall 3 stars but I still have high hopes for the other 4 or 5 I own from this collection.

Return to Intercourse – I listen to the podcast ‘By the Book’ in a recent episode they each wrote an e-book. Kristen’s Omish Romance story (I can’t call it a novel, its about 40 pages) is by no means winning any literary prizes but it was fun and as a podcast fan I really enjoyed it, 4 stars.

Modern Harpies – the second ‘By the Book’ ebook creation which compares Greek Mythology to US Housewives. My Greek myth knowledge is semi-reasonable while my housewives knowledge is zero; despite this it entertained me for about half an hour. Would probably be more interesting to someone familiar to the modern characters being discussed, 3 stars.

Mad Girl – This is an extremely well written, honest account of Bryony’s mental health journey from a 12 year old girl to present day. It recounts a lot of the events her first novel ‘The Wrong Knickers’ covers but from a completely different perspective that will really make you stop and think about our current attitude towards people with suffering from mental health issues, 5 stars

Alias Grace – I struggled through the first 25%(ish) of this, in fairness I jumped into it with zero clue of what it was about and became more interested when I discovered that the characters and the murders where real.  Once we got started on Grace’s retelling of her life story this got really interesting, even though I’d already looked up the ending when I’d found out the characters were based on real life. Really looking forward to the Netflix adaptation of this next month, 4 stars.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k – This makes some good points and I can see that some people might find this useful as it challenges the reader to actually consider what they give a f**k about.  For me, this isn’t going to change my life but I enjoyed the play on the Marie Condo method, 3 stars

Hunger – This was the ‘Our Shared Shelf’ Goodreads read for October/November and is Roxane Gay’s memoir focusing on her turbulent relationship with food and her weight.  It’s honestly written, having just finished Bad Feminist, her collection of short essays last month I was already aware of the events in her youth which lead to her starting to put on weight but this dived so much deeper and gives so many thought-provoking opinions and anecdotes from throughout her life. 5 stars

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Confession, this is my first full reading of this. I know.  I’ve started it 5 or 6 times and just got distracted, for that reason I struggled through the first 150 pages because they’re a bit familiar but once I got to un-trodded territory I was completely hooked and can’t wait to read the rest of the series.  4 stars

The Universe vs Alex Woods – This has been sat on my kindle for just over 18 months and the only reason it got read this month was to tick off the letter ‘U’ and complete my A-Z reading challenge 2017! I had no idea what this was about and I don’t think I would have ever guessed where it was going to go. Completely different subject matter to any fiction I’ve read before, Alex’s character is brilliant 4 stars.

Beta – This will roll over into November, so far I’m not loving it as much as I was hoping I would, fingers crossed it picks up a little bit.

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