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September 2017 ~ Wrap Up

The Power– I had high hopes for this, very high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed.  This came to my attention via the Bailey’s Women’s Fiction 2017 Award (which is won), it’s been on, my TBR since it was announced as a short list contender and I got in the extremely long requests queue for it at my local library until the end of June when I got impatient and bought it as a birthday present to myself to get it sooner; only to put it on the shelf for two months before picking it up, I know, I’m very easily distracted when it comes to what I’m reading next!  I wasn’t 100% sure what I was expecting but this wasn’t it, the book follows the viewpoints of about 5 people over a period of about 10 years and I think one of my favourite things was that none of them were massively likeable yet there wasn’t one perspective I wasn’t interested in which is always a worry with multi-perspective books.
Hot Mess – I had mixed feelings about this one and I think this is proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or more specifically by the quote on its cover.  This has been heralded as ‘Bridget Jones for a new generation’ and I think that’s actually a misrepresentation.  I kept assuming it was going to go down the stereotypical chick-lit rom-com route which it totally doesn’t, s, on one hand, I was a little disappointed that Ellie isn’t the new Bridget but she’s a great character in her own right and I think I would have enjoyed this, even more, had I not got that preconception stuck in my mind. Overall I thought this was a great first novel full of actual ‘laugh out loud then try to explain to the person sat next to you whats so funny moments’, looking forward to seeing what Lucy Vine releases next year, 4 stars
The Humans – Very clever, very funny, read it in about 24 hours and am already planning on buying it for someone for Christmas, 5 stars. Now to add everything else Matt Haig has ever written to my TBR…
All That She Can See –  Overall I really enjoyed this but, gah! The ending. I’m not sure if this its been left open for a sequel but it just felt  a bit hurried and unfinished; on one hand it didn’t go down the predictable ‘and they defeated all the bad guys forever and lived happily ever after’ that I envisaged but it just didn’t sit properly with me as an ending. I switched between 3 and 4 stars for this and settled on 4 because I did really enjoy the majority of it, imaginative premise which I got much more immersed in than her previous novel ‘On The Other Side’
Eat Sweat Play – Not my typical read, at all. Firstly its non-fiction, secondly it’s about sport, or at least that’s what I assumed from the little I knew about it.  This was an extremely emotive read for me, as someone who was traditionally not sporty in the slightly who finally found the gym when she was 24, only to fall back into a slump after moving to a new town this book was a massive kick up the backside.  Its opened my eyes   The only thing I would say is that I wish I hadn’t read so much of this late at night as it made me really want to go out and do something active rather than turn the light off and go to sleep, 5 stars.
Three Dark Crowns – Sometimes I need to put more thought into which books I read side by side, one weekend I found myself struggling through the dry but getting more interesting Johnathon Strange & Mr Norell while also reading Bad Feminist, which is a collection of non-fiction essays.  I needed something I could get quickly involved in and Three Dark Crowns seemed like a good option, YA, heard good things, had being sitting on the shelf for way too long.  It took me about 50pages to become convinced but this was great, there are a few tropy bits but I thought the idea behind it was good and I couldn’t easily predict the direction it was going to go. 4 stars
The Gender Games – Can everyone just be made to read this now?! 5 stars
Johnathon Strange & Mr Norell – This was such a difficult read, it was so changeable. I wouldn’t be able to put it down for 100pages then there’d be a couple of long chapters where I’d struggle to keep going; repeat that for nearly 900 pages.  I nearly gave up multiple times and read several things alongside this (I started back in August) I’m glad I persevered, its very different to what I would normally read. Essentially its written as if its a non-fiction account of the lives/work of two Victorian magicians; some of the spellings and language is a little bit ye olde and there are a couple of chapter length footnotes which were tricky to keep up with on a kindle (I did start skipping the longer footnotes).  Fortunatly the plot hit the accelerator in last 10% so I finished on a high with it.  Overall 3 stars.
Anne of Green Gables – This was a brilliant nostalgia hit, I don’t think I’ve ever actually read this but I had the audio book when I was younger and loved it,  particularlly good for reading alongside Jonathon Strange & Mr Norell because of how heart-warming and easy to read this is.
You – I picked this up for 99p to help me complete my A-Z reading challenge. I very rarely read anything that tends towards a thriller/suspense story as quite simply they give me the creeps.  This gave me the creeps.  From about 2/3rds – 80% of the way through my interest did wain slightly
Bad Feminist – I made the mistake of thinking I would read this in a weekend. No. This is a collection of essays, a collection of very well thought out, thought provoking essays and while most of them are around the 10page mark and can be read quickly, they also left me wanting to sit and reflect rather than jump straight into the next one.  I got this copy from the library but I have ordered my own as I can see myself revisiting some of these individually.
The Cuckoo’s Calling – Kind of failed on this one and only got a few chapters in, will be continuing in October.

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