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May 2017 ~ Wrap Up

May turned into a really good reading month, I set myself a personal challenge of reading an average of 70 pages a day, and ended up doing around one and a half times that… which may mean I need to get out more

Shylock is my name – I don’t know much about Merchant of Venice and this confused me, there were so many characters and back stories and over complications. Either I don’t like The Merchant of Venice or I just didn’t like this, I have no immediate plans to find it, 2 stars.

Milk & Honey – I’ve read zero poetry since school but this was recommended to me by a couple of people. It pretty much broke my heart,  then mended it again, only to re-break it a few pages later,   I can see myself picking this up semi-regularly, not necessarily for another cover to cover read but more for the literary equivalent of  listening to a sad song when you’re that kind of down , 5 stars

The Colour Purple -I’d heard a lot about this but didn’t actually know much about the actual plot or that the majority is written in dialect which I found quite fun to read, 4 stars.

Lolita – Its a classic but reading this made me feel super uncomfortable and bored.  I can see why some might view it as an amazing masterpiece but it wasn’t for me, 2 stars

The Chaos of Longing – After reading Milk & Honey I was after another poetry fix and came across this, its a similar style and while I really enjoyed it, this anthology didn’t quite hit my emotions the same way Milk & Honey did, 4 stars.

The Wrong Knickers – Having just discovered Bryony Gordon’s mental health podcast I added both of her books to my library reservation.  After the first chapter I was  thought this was going to be a real life Bridget Jones which on, 3 stars

The Gap of Time – My third delve into the Hogarth Shakespeare series, this is a retelling of A Winter’s Tale and was by far my favourite of the three I’ve read and has restored my faith in my plan to read all of them after Shylock.  What I’m finding most interesting about the series is the difference in author approaches, for example The Gap of Time begins with a short summary of each act of the Shakespeare play, so completly voiding any suprise for anywho wasn’t aware (this includes me) but allowing those readers to appreciate the play on names, places and jobs etc.  4 stars.

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo – I actually started reading this at a similar time as The Wrong Knickers but got so confused it had to sit to one side until a couple of days after that was finished and I could properly seperate Bryony and Amy in my head.  I would highly recommend this to pretty much anyone, you don’t need to be female and you don’t need to know who Amy is, just read it, 4 stars.

My Not So Perfect Life – After joining the reservation list for this the week it came out (in February) this finally arrived on the library reservations shelf with my name sticking out of it (I may have squee-ed* a little bit which I’m pretty sure is frowned on in libraries).  Anywho I wasn’t disappointed, this was everything I was hoping it was going to be and I pretty much devoured it in a day, 5 stars.


#HPReadathon2017 – I’ve been meaning to re-read the Harry Potter books for about the last year so when I saw #HPReadathon2017 was starting about two weeks after I found it I figured now was as good a time as any.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Screenplay) – The only book from the readathon that I won’t have previously read, this has sat on the shelf since it arrived in November.  You’re not meant to judge books by their covers but the hardback for this is beautiful,  4 stars

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Hogwart’s Library) – I don’t think I’ve picked this up since I got it for Comic Relief back in 2001 and I think I appreciated it a lot more after reading the screenplay/seeing the film that 10 year old me did, 5 stars

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – The nostalgia that hit when I started reading this was incredible and its got me really excited for the rest of the readathon, 5 stars

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Potential controversy time – this is probably my second least favourite of the Harry Potter books (sorry OOTP but somebody has to come last) but it still got 5 stars.

Quidditch Through the Ages (Hogwarts Library) – Again I don’t think 10 year old me appreciated this properly, the detail that’s gone in to creating the fictional history, rules and teams in this is incredible, it is however about sport so 4 stars.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – from my second least favourite to my second favourite, big shout out to the late May bank holiday for giving me the time to squeeze this one in at the end of the month, 5 stars.

*sqee-ed: Made a high pitch squeel noise “squeeeeee!”

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