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April 2017 Wrap Up

Bridget Jones’s Baby: The Diaries – One of the rare occasions where I’m going to say, just watch the film. Was going to be 2 stars but dialogue between Bridget/Mark towards the end made me ‘awww’ a lot so 3 stars.

Nina is not OK – I wasn’t sure what I expect from Shappi Khorsandi’s debut novel but this was brilliant and disturbing, and brilliant. 4 stars

Doing It – So I am not the target market for this book which I imagine is around the mid-teen mark but it did teach me a few things, particularly the consent chapter…did not realise how complicated that could get. 3 stars from 25 year old me, but this would of probably been 14/15 year old me’d new bible.

The Wise Man’s Fear – Tome Topple returned in April, for those not familiar this is a Readathon hosted by Sam from Thoughts of Tomes which focuses on reading tomes over 500 pages so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to pick up the next book in the Kingkiller Chronicles which it would of been if I had this in kindle form rather than its quite non-portable-friendly paperback form.  This book is 1000 pages so lugging the paperback round during a fortnight of long weekends away just didn’t happen which meant I completely missed the timings of the readathon. End of excuses, I’ll be continuing with this in May.

High-Rise – I heard about this in a Books & Quills video last year and was instantly intrigued. This is a dystopian about a new purpose built 40 storey high rise apartment building; as its 2,000 residents move in it seems like the ideal but over time irritations deepen into class divides and it escalates, quickly.  I find this type of dystopia plot most disturbing because there’s nothing stopping it happening and this has left me quite excited as well as a little nervous about watching the film adaptation. 4 stars.

Animal Farm – Following on from reading 1984 last month I decided to pick up some more Orwell that I should have already read by now.

Purple Hibicus – Really wish this had been on my GCSE reading list, much more interesting that the texts I was stuck with at the time though I felt the ending was really rushed an tried to tie up too many loose ends in around 6 pages. 3 stars

Midnight in the garden of good and evil – technically a DNF as I ran out of time and wasn’t able to renew my loan but I really struggled to read this and found it quite confusing. Its a non-fiction that reads more like fiction, and while I did learn a fair bit about Savanah (including where it even is) I just couldn’t get into it, having said that I have put myself back on the library reserve list as I hate not finishing a book, but for now, 2 stars.

The Kite Runner  – Didn’t read this one, from what I was hearing from other people it’s a fairly heavy read but worth reading so this’ll go back on the list for another time.

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