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February 2017 Wrap Up

When I wrote February’s TBR I was slightly doubtful that I’d cram it all in, but it actually ended up  being another good reading month

The Booby Trap – This is a collection of short stores, poems and essays from various celebrities, writers, comedians all based around, surprise surprise, boobs. The book was released to raise money and awareness for breast cancer in 2013, quite a lot of the sections of this were really funny as well as some quite thought provoking ones, I just couldn’t get into the format – 3 stars

The Name of the Wind – Loved this, this was a recommendation from a collegue and after several months of being asked when I was going to get round to it I caved and picked it up at the start of this month. I really wish I’d picked it up sooner – incredible world building and an addictive main character you just need to find out more about.  The sequel is now quite high up on my TBR, being dragged down only by its mamouth 1000pages!    5 stars

Jane Eyre – Quite simply a re-read of an old favourite – 5 stars

Dark Matter – A goodreads group read, this is completly different to the sort of things I would normally read, which in fairness is the exact reason I started joining goodreads groups.  The storyline to this is clever, and I wasn’t expecting it to go down the route it did but the idea was so incredible I just felt like so much more could have been done with it and I just didn’t feel the ending –  3 stars

We Should All Be Feminists – Another re-read and a very quick read, but an extremly poignant one nonetheless, 5 stars

Paper Aeroplanes – On the surface this is about a teenage friendship, underneath that its about broken families, toxic friendships, bitchiness, periods and virginity – not what I was expecting  I’ve already picked up the sequel to read soon, 4 stars


I also listened to a couple of audiobooks, I’m not counting these towards books read but thought they were worth a mention

The Princess Diarist – I was vaguely aware Carrie Fisher had been through difficult periods of her life but this really highlighted just how difficult she found things at times. Still found it really interesting and I listened to the audiobook so it was great to have Carrie narrating herself – 3 stars

Lean In: Women, Work and the will to lead – I’ve since purchased this in paperback, a very thought provoking listen, 5 stars


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