Book, TBR

February TBR

Look at me being organised and doing this twice in a row!  Not a very long list this month but not a very long month, I am going away for a long weekend so hopefully I can do any catching up then.

The Booby Trap  – Carried over from Jan, I’m just over half of the way through this so hopefully I’ll be done with this in Feb.

Jane Eyre – Another carry over, the goodreads group read for this lasts two months so this will be my airport/plane read for our weekend away.

The Name of the Wind – A recommendation from a colleague that I’ve been putting off based on how long it is. At over 650 pages this may get carried over to March but it does sound like my kind of read.

Dark Matter – My goodreads group fiction pick for Feb, fingers crossed my library reservation come through in time.  This doesn’t sound like something I would pick up on my own so I’m excited to give it a go.

We Should All Be Feminists – According to my kindle I read this a couple of years ago, so I guess this is technically a re-read, maybe I’ll remember it better once I start.

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