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January 2017 Wrap Up

January ended up being a really good reading month for me, I managed to get through 6 books putting me in good stead for my 2017 goodreads reading goal.

Moranthology – Tick (5 stars)

The Booby Trap -Half a tick, I’m about halfway through this.  The short and varied articles mean I find it difficult to read this for more than about 10mins at a time; doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it though!

The Miniturist – Tick (4 stars)

The Vagina Monologues – Tick (3 stars)

Jane Eyre – Half a tick, I’m reading this as part of a goodreads group and Jane Eyre  stretches over Jan and Feb so I’m letting myself off not finishing this quite yet

I also read…

President Barak Obama: The Kindle Singles Interview – with the end of Obama’s term in office this felt like the right time to give this a read, its a quick read and I’d definitely recommend it. (5 stars)

The School for Good and Evil – this is a ‘younger’ read but I loved it nonetheless, great premise and world building and just a lot of fun. (4 stars)

The Rosie Effect after reading the first of these last year this has been on my list for a while. I’d highly recommend this series, both were extremely enjoyable and the second one easily lived up to the first. (4 stars)

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